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The IoT is redefining the railway industry with significant benefits. As Railways begin to recognise that the rail sector is no exception when it comes to the potential value-enhancing opportunities made possible through the use of IoT technologies, industry stakeholders are exploring digitalisation as a mechanism to create entirely new and enhanced railway maintenance systems with predictive qualities. In optimising the IoT, it enables rail operators, maintainers, and asset owners to connect their different assets by leveraging the state-of-the-art technologies for connectivity, data analytics, data-driven workflows and decision support. In creating this interoperability, along with the speed and capabilities of AI, it provides vital insights for operators, maintainers, and asset owners to enhance their operation and maintenance system availability, as well as improve customer experience.

The global predictive maintenance market, including IoT-based remote monitoring of trains is expected to considerably increase in size between 2023 and 2030. While sized at 8.9 billion Euros in 2023, the market is projected to reach the size of 60.3 billion Euros by 2030. Although operators, maintainers, and asset owners are investing in IoT technologies, one of their biggest challenges is staying up to date with the latest and most innovative solutions that are available in order to continue to benefit from these continuing advances. Furthermore, there also lies the challenge of who owns the data that is gleaned from these technologies, and how can it be shared amongst all stakeholders for everyone to benefit from the ‘prime’ data that is most valuable.

Perhaps some of the greatest opportunities for the rail sector exist in the logistics space. The impact of IoT on the logistics sector already indicates the opportunities for huge improvements to end to end visibility, benefitting the end user. The way in which we transport passengers and goods by rail is becoming unrecognisable. With the industry taking advantage of the very best Industrial IoT and the most progressive Big Data analytics solutions, the worlds of physical and digital can finally come together, making the industry’s common objective of modal shift from road to rail become an achievable reality. Now is the time for the whole of the rail sector not just to keep up with, but to overtake other transport providers by fully signing up to the digital world.

Who will you meet?

Infrastructure Managers, Train Operating Companies, Maintenance & Engineering Companies, System Integrators, Rolling Stock Manufacturers, Signalling Manufacturers, Consultants and Technology suppliers who are:

  • Directors of Maintenance
  • Heads of IoT & Big Data
  • Heads of Data and Analytics
  • Directors of Procurement
  • Directors of Maintenance
  • Heads of IoT & Big Data
  • Directors of Asset Management
  • Heads of Technology
  • Directors of Operations
  • Directors of Innovation
  • Heads of Remote Diagnostics
  • Directors of IT & Strategy
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Heads of Data and Analytics
  • Directors of Procurement
  • Heads of Rolling Stock
  • Infrastructure Asset Managers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Directors of Infrastructure
  • Data Management Consultants
  • Data Scientists
  • Heads of Asset Intelligence

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