Identifying and Harvesting Railway Data Sets for Cost Efficient Predictive Maintenance Applications

29th May 2018
Hilton Park Hotel, Munich, Germany

The Rise of IoT & Big Data in Rail will explore the huge breadth of predictive maintenance applications of big data, allowing Infrastructure Managers and Train Operating Companies to understand fully how they can benefit from setting in place the tools to harvest data from across the whole of their railway operations. For Infrastructure Managers and Train Operating Companies which have already implemented data capture systems, there will be the opportunity to consider how the applications can be taken to the next level, and of course the opportunity to share both best practice and challenges with an audience of their peers.

The conference represents an invaluable and timely opportunity for companies with digital expertise, to help the maintenance heads of global rail Infrastructure Managers and Train Operating Companies to understand how to collect and properly exploit massive sets of data from every aspect of their operations.

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Key Topics Include

  • Managing your assets smarter through preventive failure prediction
  • Harvesting Big Data to help reduce operational costs
  • Effective use of IoT data capture to get more out of your systems
  • Learn how to connect your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world
  • Optimising maintenance and operation planning through asset management
  • Strategies to increase performance and service life

Share Expertise, Win Business

Opportunities exist at the conference for companies wishing to share their expertise, and ultimately to win business from the rail sector. The day will comprise of a series of formal presentations which can be made to the entire audience and panel discussions where challenges and experiences will be shared and solutions offered. Extended discussion groups will take place during the day, again enabling commercial organisations to meet face-to-face with rail sector heads who are meeting together specifically to seek solutions to their maintenance challenges.

Why Now?

The revolution that predictive maintenance will bring about for the rail sector is now invaluable and must be fully understood

The heavy rail sector has sometimes had a reputation as a cumbersome and unwieldly, high maintenance sector with industrial sized challenges when it comes to making sure that infrastructure and passenger, or freight rolling stock is well maintained. When we consider other sectors, such as the automotive or aviation sectors, there has already been a seismic shift towards embracing the digital advances of the 21st century. Automotive vehicles inform their owners when they need to be serviced and what needs to be specifically addressed and indeed mechanics routinely use digital diagnostic tools to draw conclusions. Aircraft monitoring and subsequent data feeds inform engineers of live issues as well as future maintenance requirements.

There is no doubt that some parts of the rail sector have already embraced the digital revolution and when it comes to making use of big data to improve passenger information, streamline ticketing and payment methods, and even optimise scheduling, a digital revolution is already underway. The same cannot always be said of the grimier face of the rail industry – the operational maintenance side.

Whereas train operators and infrastructure managers have identified the application opportunities of using the Internet of Things (IoT) to attract customers and increase revenues, the methodology of taking the big data collected through the IoT and applying it to predict maintenance needs is not being comprehensively covered across the sector. However, the revolution that predictive maintenance will bring about for the rail sector is now invaluable and must be fully understood.

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