Day 1 – 28th May 2019
8:15 Registration and Welcome Refreshments in the Exhibition Area





Marcus Frantz |

Chief Information Officer


The myth’s and reality of Big Data

  • What is the ambition level to be achieved?
  • To which extent can we already create value?
  • The minimum requirements for wide-spread use

Rob Buitendijk |

Manager of Asset Information

| ProRail

Using Geo-data for Rail Track Maintenance

  • Photos and point clouds as ‘digital twin’
  • Opportunities for predictive maintenance
  • Successful operational examples

Felix Krupczynski |

General Manager

| Holland

Meera Dugar |

Director of Data Intelligence

| Holland

Deploying Big Data to increase profitability

  • Taking advantage of Edge Computing in the IoT architecture
  • Unearthing unknown data and the science behind it - finding data you did not know existed
  • How Big Data integrity, governance and cleansing translates to financial gains

Joergen Torgesen|

Head of Smart Maintenance Switches & Crossings

| Bane NOR

Robotdrones for inspections and lighter maintenance in Switches & Crossings

  • Automation of inspection and maintenance of switches and crossings
  • Machine to machine communication between switches and drones
  • Bane NOR’s solution

Christian Pucher |


| Frauscher Sensor Technology

Real time monitoring of asset health enables extensive condition based track maintenance

  • Continuous Track Monitoring based on Fiber Optic Sensing (FOS)
  • Detect track defects at a very early stage
  • Effective planning and controlling of maintenance tasks

Reducing maintenance costs is a common goal for all Infrastructure Managers. How are you embracing the latest digital technologies to help you to achieve this?

  • What are your major challenges when trying to reduce costs whilst increasing capacity and safety?
  • Many digital devices such as sensors which collect data are able provide Railways will real-time information. How difficult is it to separate meaningful data from the mass which is collected?
  • How important is it for Railways to collaborate with solution providers to develop new systems when working on field trials for instance?


  • Stefano Lisi, Head of the Track Equipment Bureau of the Technical Department, RFI
  • Florian Auer, Director of Technology & Innovation, Plasser & Theurer
  • Rob Buitendijk, Manager of Asset Information, ProRail
  • Ken Faanes Chief Information Officer, Holland
  • Dorte-Lene Bacher, Chief Consultant, Data and Digitalisation, Banedanmark
  • Christian Pucher, CMO, Frauscher Sensor Technology
10:45 Morning Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area

Fabian Stöffler |

Vice President for Asset Digitization

| DB Cargo

How IoT and Big Data shape the future of rail freight

  • Challenges and opportunities in connecting locomotives and freight wagons to a central IoT Platform
  • Condition Based Maintenance and its benefits for the industry
  • Outlook: Automated fleet steering using digital workflows

Rolf Laager |

Sales Manager DACH Region


Asset Availability Alliances: new commercial models that bring the best of tech and OE together

  • Perpetuum’s alliances with progressive OE manufactures offer new ways to reduce the Cost of Availability
  • Learn how Perpetuum information allowed an OE to try out an availability incentivised business model
  • Debate on how much your business model could be improved if you had the information to solve your unknowns

Tuomas Savikangas |

Head of Data and Analytics

| VR Group

Digitalization and Smart Maintenance

  • The challenges faced and how to overcome them
  • What solutions were made and why
  • Data as a key driver

Alvaro Jose Zevallos Roman |

Chief Business Development Officer

| NEM Solutions

"Success as a Service": The disruptive business model for digital railways

  • Why a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model is nowadays obsolete and a risky investment for a railway authority?
  • What are the main risks of a digital transformation process focused on predictive maintenance implementation?
  • How can a railway authority avoid those risks and make the step forward with guarantees?
12:15 Lunch in the Networking & Exhibition Area

Bertrand Minary |

Chief Innovation & Digital Officer

| Fref SNCF

The return of experience on IOT implemented at Fret SNCF

  • Creating value by digitalising of train operations
  • Creating value on assets performance and customer services
  • Economic balance, expenses and benefits

Christian Sprauer |

Founder & CEO

| Railnova

Real Use Cases for Predictive Maintenance in Rail

  • How to move towards, and prepare for, predictive maintenance:
  • 5 important steps you should follow in order to successfully deploy predictive maintenance in Rail
  • Examples of real predictive maintenance use cases in rail and our approach to each of these use cases

Luc Alix |

Head of Enterprise Architecture


Why a solid Data / Information Architecture is important to support IoT and Big Data initiatives

  • Importance of Data / Information Architecture in a changing organization
  • Dependencies of Data / Information Architecture within your Enterprise
  • Key success factors of Data / Information Architecture when implementing/discovering/thinking IoT

Maurizio Giovannelli |

Business Development Manager

| SKF Insight Rail

Bearing life cycle optimization and Digital Maintenance

  • Enabling Condition Based Maintenance with SKF Insight Rail
  • How to extend the bearing maintenance interval with confidence while reducing maintenance costs
  • Building the Digital Maintenance: real cases from the field and laboratory tests

Paulo Masini |

Director of Rolling Stock Engineering & Maintenance

| Trenitalia

OT and IT data fusion for Dynamic Maintenance Management System: a digital twin for Trenitalia asset management

  • Meaning of OT and IT data fusion, one single data base for every kind of information
  • Dynamic Maintenance Management System: BIG DATA system architecture and functions
  • Impact on industrial process, from static to dynamic maintenance
15:00 Afternoon Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area

Daniel MacGregor |


| Nexiot

From detection to services: How digital rail freight solutions can deliver real value

  • Exploring rail digitisation use cases and which to tackle first
  • Damage prevention, attribution and quality of services and goods
  • Defining attributes and change streams for continual value creation

Glaucio Marcel |

General Management - Maintenance Planning & Control

| MRS Logistica S.A

Technology productivity and prediction projects at MRS Logistics (Brazil) and future

  • How mobile is helping permanent way maintenance and its productivity?
  • A.I. studies to Maintenance Control Center
  • Potential opportunities and future

Marcel Van Velthoven |



Big Data in Rail, a new hype or is it proving to generate real value

  • Big Data, we are not at the end, but in the beginning, new innovations need to improve many aspects of Rail transport
  • How can we make the infrastructure more intelligent and what value does this bring
  • Asking the right question first is the route to go entering the world of Big Data

Paul Barnes |

Principal Engineer Intelligent Infrastructure Programme

| Network Rail

Enabling Intelligence in Infrastructure

  • Strategy developments in Network Rail
  • Lessons learned and successes so far
  • Value added through operational and information technology change

Gerhard Kress |

Director Mobility Data Services

| Siemens

IoT in Rail – Improving availability and more

  • Data in rail provides a whole new dimension of information on rail assets and can allow rail operators to improve the return they get from their assets
  • Data analytics is the key to unleash this value as it generates the insights rail operators require to improve their business
  • The presentation shows how such insights can be used in real operations and how a rail operator can get real value from this

Dorte-Lene Bacher |

Chief Consultant, Data and Digitalisation

| Banedanmark

Using Big Data of assets, traffic and weather for predicting punctuality

  • Using Machine Learning to predict annual punctuality
  • Combining asset register, information on traffic performance and information on weather
  • Challenges in business use

Predictive maintenance is a key trend for asset owners. How can the solution providers work with operators to facilitate uptake of these methods?

  • Railways must exploit the potentials of digitalisation to maintain their status in the future as an attractive mode of transport. What are your challenges in achieving this objective when moving from traditional methods to a digital approach?
  • What are the challenges in utilising the latest digital devices to perform operations at a higher capacity and increase efficiency?
  • What is the most productive method for companies to make effective use of data and systems, and how much should be handled centrally? Is it possible for it to be outsourced?


  • Jean-Cédric Bienfait, Program IoT Manager, NMBS/SNCB
  • Marcus Frantz, Chief Information Officer, ÖBB
  • Tuomas Savikangas, Head of Data and Analytics, VR Group
  • Gerhard Kress, Director Mobility Data Services, Siemens
  • Daniel Rost, Head of IT Wagon Intelligence, DB Cargo
  • Robert Alonso, Transportation Solution Executive Power Grids and Grid Automation, ABB
17:30 Chairman’s Closing Comments
17:35 Drinks Reception in the Networking & Exhibition Area
20:30 End of day 1
Day 2 – 29th May 2019

Marco Gallini |

Head of Diagnostics Services and Maintenance Machines


The evolution of the diagnostic process in RFI

  • Diagnostic visual inspections vs human visual inspections
  • Unattended diagnostics for track geometry
  • Switches mobile diagnostics
  • Integrated analysis of defects and the visual 3D integrated database of the infrastructure

Florian Auer |

Director of Technology & Innovation

| Plasser & Theurer

Digital Track Maintenance

  • Digital Twin is the basis of ‘Internet of Machines’
  • Deep Learning increasing automisation of track maintenance
  • Increasing process safety through connectivity

Arne Benox |

Head of Telecommunications


IoT for Optimising Asset Management

  • “Death by strategy” vs. “Death by PoC” the good compromise
  • Do’s & Dont’s
  • The human factor

Jochen Holzfeind |

Chief Technology Officer

| voestalpine Railway Systems

Use of data to optimize availability of critical railway assets

  • Create valuable information from field data for infrastructure operator and manufacturer
  • Smart infrastructure components – Crosslink data and exchange of information
  • From find and fix to predict and prevent

Christian Schlehuber |

Expert Cybersecurity Operational ITK

| DB Netz

An attackers view on Railway Systems

  • Challenges when protecting railway systems
  • Where are the weak spots: highly sophisticated attacks or the basics
  • Ways and approaches to overcome current challenges

Matt Miller |

Global Transportation Industry Principal

| OSIsoft


Jesus Molina |

Director of Business Development

| Waterfall Security Solutions

Creating a robust and secure IoT and Big Data infrastructure for Rail

  • Industry leaders collaborated to deliver a Gold Standard for the security of rail infrastructure
  • Unlocks innovation across the organization by securely liberating data to stakeholders.
  • Customer references and benefits in rail and other infrastructure industries will be shared
10:40 Morning Refreshments in the Networking & Exhibition Area




The key role of the European Rail Supply industry in digitalisation – UNIFE Vision

  • Digital solutions are the opportunity to boost capacity, reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption, and optimise traffic management
  • Research and innovation is key for the digitalisation of the rail system
  • The development of better resilience against cyber-attacks is fundamental for rail transport

Christoffer Hamin |

CEO & Founder


How to make any rolling stock EN-13848-2 compliant

  • What role will IOT sensors and real time analytics play in railways.
  • Daily measurements VS ordinary measurement trains
  • How to quantify the time, money and lives that can be saved

Daniel Rost |

Head of IT Wagon Intelligence

| DB Cargo

Intelligent technology in freight wagons – IoT at DB Cargo

  • Data transfer from Hardware into the Cloud: Device and Cloud Interfaces.
  • Data processing and enrichment; from raw data to business cases
  • Data quality and monitoring

Pieter Verlinden |

Team Lead Data Science

| Infrabel

Digitalisation in maintenance (Big Data)

  • Asset management information flow at Infrabel
  • Convincing maintenance technicians that data driven maintenance is useful
  • Some Infrabel use cases for saving money and predictive maintenance with IoT and measuring train data
12:15 Lunch in the Networking & Exhibition Area

Topics include

  • Creating an ecosystem for success yet drive differentiation through IP
  • How to connect your operations infrastructure to enable enterprise analytics and secure reliable and continuous operations
  • How can this IoT connectivity benefit operators by better aligning the supply chain’s KPIs with their own KPIs?
  • Effectively deploying Predictive Maintenance in Rail
  • Improving Operational Profitability Through Rail Condition Monitoring
  • What are the experiences learned in entering the era of Big Data making the hype worthwhile?
  • Internet of things in railway infrastructure
  • How to ensure a successful Predictive Maintenance implementation applied to rolling stock assets
  • Put Your Data to Work: Increased Productivity & Decreased Maintenance Costs
  • How to make a tender for real time monitoring of railway tracks, overhead wire and signal
  • Optimising maintenance and operation planning through enhanced asset management
  • How to cross data and system silos to give your teams an unprecedented single-source access to information and analytics across your railway for fast time to value and easy user adoption
15:00 Chairman’s Closing Comments & End of Conference

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